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Welcome Back 2017-2018

Dear Burlingame School District Community,
I would like to welcome you back for the 2017-2018 with a quote from Bill Nye:
"The solar eclipse is upon us and I hope this day reminds us that we share a common origin in the stars and that we are all citizens of the same planet."
Today was the first day back for BSD staff and the solar eclipse was a perfect opportunity to focus on 21st Century skills, the New Science Standards (NGSS) and how connected we are as professionals when it comes to integrating content, concepts and instruction. This first day of three professional development days across the school year serves an important purpose. It unites our district in focusing on a common set of goals, instructional practices, and rigor. There is plenty of opportunity for our teachers to add their own special talents and resources as they share with colleagues across grade levels and school sites. Our teachers, classified staff, and administrators are prepping for students as we approach the first day of the 2017-2018 school year on Wednesday, August 23, 2017.
We look forward to seeing everyone. Please read the information below to be informed about our facilities and finances as well as introductions and upcoming events.
Summer Facilities Update
Very busy preparing all our campuses for the return of staff and students. Highlights for the summer are the installation of solar panels on BIS, Franklin, Lincoln, McKinley, Roosevelt and Washington schools. As they come online our teachers will have access to real time data for use in classroom activities. See below for Lincoln School real time info:

We have run into some delays with Turf Field resurfacing that may delay completion at BIS until the first week of school, and Franklin until September 14, 2017. More information will be made available on the school websites as updates are available.  
Roosevelt was painted this summer, and construction continues on the Library Media Center / Science Classroom building at BIS. Anticipated opening is over the Thanksgiving Break.  

Every year BSD develops, and the school board must approve, a budget for the subsequent year. The 2017/18 budget was developed using the most recent information available from the State as of May 2017. (To see the full adopted budget or the "Budget-at-a-Glance" go to http://www.bsd.k12.ca.us/business-services). An update from the State has occurred since our budget was adopted adding one-time funds (approximately $470,000) for the 2017/18 year only. These funds are available for any use by the district but, because they are one-time, should not be used for on-going expenses.
The additional funding districts have been receiving as part of the Local Control Funding Formula which began in 2013/14 is coming to a close. We are at about 97% of the target growth and after reaching 100% we will only receive cost of living increases. This will be problematic due to increasing salaries and benefits.
At 83-85% of the budget, salaries and benefits is the largest portion of the budget. The District and bargaining groups negotiated an ongoing 3% salary increase for 2017/18 and all employees received the increase effective July 1, 2017 (the increase is not reflected in the most recent posted budget. A budget update will be posted to our website in December 2017). The District has been responsive to the needs of its employees and, working with the negotiating teams for both certificated and classified staff, has provided salary increases for the current and last 5 years as follows:
2017/18       3%
2016/17       4%/2.5% (teachers @ 4% added 3 days to schedule, classified @ 2.5%)
2015/16       4%
2014/15       4%
2013/14       4%
2012/13       2%
These salary increases are especially necessary to attract and retain teachers during this time of teacher shortages. The teacher salary schedule consists of "steps and columns" that allow teachers to increase their salary each year (the salary schedule is capped) based on the number of years' experience and education. Teachers are initially hired and placed on the salary schedule based on their experience. Each year they are moved up a "step" to an increased salary placement (until they reach the cap). If a teacher accrues education units they may also move over a "column" to increase their salary.
In addition to salary schedule increases, the District and bargaining teams have negotiated to maintain District paid health benefits for eligible individual employees.
The District is currently deficit spending approximately $700,000 in 2017/18, $1,700,000 in 2018/19 and $1,800,000 in 2019/20. This means we are spending more than we are taking in. The District will be reviewing its expenses to determine what can be done to reduce expenses in the coming years.
If you are interested in learning more about the budget, the BSD business department will be presenting Budget 101. Dates, times and locations to be forthcoming.


Introductions & Fond Farewells

Please join me in welcoming some new administrators:
  • Dr. Marcia Russell, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
    • Dr. Russell will serve as lead of the Special Education Department as Heather Logan has taken a position with San Francisco Unified
  • Dr. Carla Torres, Principal, McKinley Elementary
    • Paula Valerio retired last year and Dr. Torres will be taking her position
  • Ms. Laura Afshar, Vice Principal, Burlingame Intermediate School
    • Tracey Berliner took a position in Palo Alto and Laura will start the school year off teaching at BIS as we plan for the transition


We are very happy to welcome our students and families back for another great school year.  We look forward to “Challenging the Leaders, Thinkers and Creators of the tomorrow.” 


Very Truly Yours,

Dr. Maggie MacIsaac

BSD Superintendent

Superintendent's Biography

Dr. Maggie MacIsaac has a varied and extensive background in public education. She has both site and district level experience in several districts that range from rural to urban, small to medium size, and all with high performing, second language learner and diverse populations. She has extensive experience in organizational leadership and has moved many difficult initiatives forward by engaging constituents in a process that supports communication, problem-solving, and consensus.

Dr. MacIsaac has served as a teacher and principal on the elementary and secondary levels. For the past six years, she has served as the Superintendent of Burlingame School District, a high performing district with approximately 3,500 students in grades Preschool-8. Prior to serving in Burlingame, Dr. MacIsaac served as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in the Castro Valley Unified School District and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the K-12 Dublin Unified School District. Before she served in Dublin, she was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in the Lafayette School District. Like Burlingame, the Lafayette School District is a high performing small K-8 district with strong community and parent participation.

In addition, Dr. MacIsaac has been an adjunct professor in the Teacher Education Department for Alliant University in San Francisco. Dr. MacIsaac earned her Bachelor’s from California State University, Northridge, and Master’s from California State University, Hayward and her Doctorate from the University of La Verne. Her dissertation focused on principal leadership and the implementation of after-school programs that support student achievement and success. Dr. MacIsaac has presented at a number of conferences including the Association of California School Administrators, The National Social Studies Conference, National Educators Association, New Teacher Center and the LEAD Program for Administrators.

Dr. MacIsaac and her husband Patrick have three grown children. Both of their sons graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and their daughter graduated from UC San Diego. Their oldest son works in the medical profession and their youngest son is a Fire Captain in the Bay Area. Their daughter is an educator. Dr. MacIsaac enjoys hiking, biking, and running. She especially enjoys spending time in the outdoors with family and friends.

Office of the Superintendent

Dr. Maggie MacIsaac, Ed. D




Kirsten Diktakis

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent



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