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Technology Department

Serving education by deploying tech innovations to promote learning for the 21st century

Technology tools are embedded into the culture and routines of Burlingame School District to promote student learning, enhance the teaching process, facilitate communication, and conduct district operations.

Technology Services

Technology Services works largely behind the scenes to make sure the infrastructure that students, staff and parents rely on is ready to meet their changing needs.

We help put real-time student data in the hands of teachers and principals so they can make great decisions.  We monitor and troubleshoot servers and networks to ensure students and teachers have reliable tools to enhance learning.  And much more…

Here's a glimpse at what our teams do every day:


  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Firewalls and web filtering for network security and student safety
  • An extensive telecommunications system of switches, voicemail, and more
  • Servers – files, applications, databases, and more
  • Disaster recovery plans for data
  • Email addresses and inboxes for all employees and students

Software Services

  • Makes the school district more efficient and effective in the long-term
  • Provides data-rich reports for funding and decision-making
  • Enhances the capabilities of existing software solutions
  • Keeps systems running smoothly and meeting our legal requirements

Student Information System Support

  • Consistent and accurate reporting on student data so decision-makers have the information they need about students on a daily basis
  • Informational support and training for teachers, principals and other staff on using our Student Information System
  • Great customer service supporting the Student Information System for staff and the community